Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Help

 Been a quiet couple of days for Haddie which is good. She's stable and is doing pretty well. The jaundice levels have continued to go down and she's breathing good on her own. Soon we will be able to "kangaroo care" which Kate and I are pumped about. We will take naked little Haddie and get to hold her to our bare chest for some skin on skin bonding. This helps her stay calm and is proven to help her grow. For us, well we just want to hold her.

Many of you have asked how you can help us. First off, we want to say thank you to those of you who have been praying for us, those of you who have shared your inspiring stories with us (many people that we don't even know), those of you who have helped take care of things for us back in Belpre, and those of you who have helped us financially. We can't express how much that means to us as we continue this journey. Yet we know some of you still want to help so here's what you can do:

1. Pray for Hadassah, Kate, and I. We can't tell you how much we have felt those prayers and the miracles that are working in our daughter's life. We appreciate everything people do for us...but we know that people talking to the Lord on our behalf is the best thing you can do for us. So keep that up!

2. We love to get cards and messages. Mail is always fun to open. We plan on living at Kate's uncle Tim's house until we can take Haddie home. So send any mail to 415 Grape St Hammonton, NJ 08037.

3. Financially. We have already received help from a lot of people and we really appreciate that. We have good insurance that is going to cover a lot but there will still be a good amount for us to handle. I'm glad we started Dave Ramsey a while back so that we are prepared! However, we know that the costs will continue and the day to day travel and living away from home could be something we could use help with. Honestly, we don't really know how much this whole deal will cost us. So we will accept anything people wish to send us. There has been a fund set up for us that you can send checks or cash to if you want to. You may send your checks to any 5/3 Bank and mark it to go to the Haddie Ziegler Williams Fund. The bank where it was started has the following address- 5/3 Bank 161 E Herrick Ave. Wellington, Ohio 44090.

Once again we just want to say thanks. God has blessed us with a lot of support and encouragement during this time. I feel for the people who do not have a church home, friends, and the family that we do.God is teaching us and blessing us. God is good.

Hope you all have a great weekend! God bless!


  1. You all continue in my prayers and I would like to share your blog with our church at Sandhill UMC if that's o.k.? We can post a link on our website and our facebook wall but don't want to without your permission so let me know! Send Mitch a message :) He will get it to me! Peace and HOPE in the name of Jesus!

  2. Dear Haddie

    To Dear little Haddie
    Here’s a verse or two
    From one of the many
    Who’s praying for you

    We try to wait patiently
    For your Daddy’s updates
    We know he’s very busy
    With you and your Mom, Kate

    We have followed your journey
    From Belpre till now
    And I think we would all say
    “Praise the Lord and Wow”

    Your journey’s been difficult
    But the Lord has a plan
    So many are praying
    You’re in the Lord’s hands

    May he guide the hands
    Providing your care
    We include them all
    In our daily prayers

    Who knew someone one so tiny
    Could have the impact you’ve had
    Our faith grows ever stronger
    Watching you, your Mom and Dad

    Beverly Powell
    May 2012

  3. I'm following your blog through a friend, and I am praying for your family daily! Sweet, precious Haddie is such a blessing and has touched the hearts of more people than you will ever know! God is good and his love endures! Thank you for letting us know how we can help you.

  4. Keeping track of your story through friends on Facebook but I went to church camp with Kate and her brother back in the day. My name is Jennie(Cline)Exposito. I don't know if Kate would remember me. I wanted to say that my husband and I are lifting you up in prayer. We know all too well what you are going through. I delivered my son at 29 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. It was scary. He spent 6 uneventful weeks in the NICU. It can be a very stressful place. We were told that its a day by day thing, one step forward 2 steps back. He weighed 2lbs 9oz. at birth. A tiny little thing. We just stayed focused on God and whatever His will would be for our son. The blessings were found even in the littlest things like less and less brady breathing issues. We did kangaroo care as well. I was so excited to hear that you are starting that! My husband and I were constantly doing the skin to skin holding with him. In fact, many of the nurses and doctors claimed they believe that is what helped our boy come home sooner. Yep, he came home after 6 weeks and weighed a few ounces shy of 5lbs. Will be praying continually for your little family and baby Haddie. :)

  5. Wow, a lot has happened since we checked in last. Praise the Lord for little Hadassah´s arrival. Congratulations, Travis and Kate, even though you are being `wrung through the ringer´. We continue to believe the Lord with you for more miracles. `Why stop now?´ God may be saying...His purposes are perfect. Praying from Colombia, S. Am., Patsy and Wayne