Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shunt Surgery

God is very good. We haven't been hospitalized since last November and haven't had an major issues other than seizures since then. So we are very thankful for that. We knew, however, that sooner or later her shunt could malfunction. And that's what's occurred in the past few days.

Hadassah's head circumference has been going up and has caused some concern in the past. But she hasn't really shown any other signs of a malfunction. Yesterday Kate brought her in for a routine EEG and consultation. They were once again concerned at her head size and the EEG revealed that part of her brain had limited activity possibly due to a shunt malfunction.

Neurosurgery agreed and did a CT scan to check. It was confirmed and so they decided to do surgery this morning at 730am. Overnight they were a bit concerned at her heart rate...she kept dropping into the 50s while sleeping. She is a very deep sleeper and I tried to wake her up some...every time I did her heart rate would bump up into the 80s....which is where a child at her age should be. But then she would immediately drop again. They assumed this a symptom of the pressure on her brain.

Surgery went well this morning. The two lines that come off of the shunt that drain fluid were clogged hence the head growth. Nothing was draining. So they replaced that and said we would wait til tomorrow to go home.

Their only concern now is that her heart rate hasn't improved much. It was in the 70s for a while but dipped into the 50s between 1 and 3. So they did another CT scan just to double check. Neurosurgery took a look and they didn't seem too concerned that it was another shunt issue.

So we are currently waiting to see what the blood work shows. It could be that something else is out of whack, or this could simply just be Haddie. She likes to mess with doctors and confuse them.

We are going to stay overnight and see where we are in the morning. Like I said, God is good. Every day we pray that God will bless her, keep her, and give her peace...and often we pray that he will continually heal her. Perhaps this is His way of doing just that.

We will update again once we know what's happening. Thanks!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tube or Not Tube

Let's play a game. Take a look at the top picture. That's Haddie and her new cousin Jensen last week. Now look at the picture below. That was taken last night. Do you notice anything different about Haddie?

Yes. She is awake in one picture in one and asleep in the other. Yes, yes, she has a baby cousin on her in one and not in the other. Look a little closer.

Hint: Look at her nose.

Got it yet? Okay, I will just tell you...

Haddie doesn't have the feeding tube in anymore!

Three nights ago Haddie puked up the tube. That happens from time to time. Normally we put it back in. However, Hadassah had puked it up after we had already given her her feeds for the day. So we waited.

Our dietitian gave us a plan a while back that enabled us to take away an NG(feeding tube) feed for every 6 oz of baby food. We got better and better at that and started taking away 2 feeds regularly, then 3. Two weeks ago we hit 4 NG feeds taken away.

So 3 days ago, we left the tube out.  We started feeding her and she hit her full amount by spoon:24oz! She did it. The question remained...could she do it again.

And that answer to that is yes. She did it two days ago and then again yesterday! And she's on track today as well. The hardest part is giving her her medications which are liquid. But if we go slow, or mix them with oatmeal cereal, she does okay taking them.

We are very excited about this. It was a big blow when we had to put it back in a few months ago. We are hopeful that we can keep it out this time!

God continues to use Haddie in mighty ways. I'm not sure very many of the doctors would have predicted that she would be able to do this much.

Thanks for your prayers and thinking of us. God bless!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Home For A Year

Hard to believe that we have been home from CHOP for a year. We came home on the 28th. Unfortunately we had to go to Akron 10 days later...but least we were in Ohio.

Haddie has been doing really well. No seizures since July 11th. And Hadassah is doing awesome on her feeds. She's taking about 12oz of food a day by spoon. She loves to eat and try different flavors. We think her favorite is apples with cinnamon in oatmeal. I think that tastes good too!

She is still working on head control. We finally got our insurance to approve a specialized wheel chair that will allow her to sit up more. This will really help her with head control and movement.

On Monday we went in for an EEG and an eye test. Her EEG looks the same as before...chaotic. But since she is doing great and is progressing we are not going to change anything right now. The good news though is that what we thought were "mini seizures" are actually not. Haddies tongue twitches sometimes and we thought it may be a small seizures. Turns out they arent so that's awesome. We have no idea what they we will just chalk that up to being one of Haddie's quirks! Her eye test revealed that Haddie definitely can see. But a previous meeting showed that one of her eyes is weaker than the other. That's why it turns in from time to time. He thinks that since she can indeed see, it would be worth doing a surgery where they would strengthen that muscle in her eye. We are considering this.

Haddie weighs 20 lbs 8oz. She's maintaining her weight which is okay as we figure out the new feeding plan.

In other great news, Haddie has a new cousin. My brother Jacob and his wife Bethany gave birth to Jensen Jacob on 8-27.

Life is good. God is good. Thanks for remembering us!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Awesome 3 Weeks

It has been an awesome 3 weeks. Hadassah has not had one seizure since July 16th! Waking her up was a great idea and she has been very alert. That truly makes a difference. We have been super excited about the progress she has made even in the past 3 weeks. She has been moving more and more and her feeding has really taken off. She started off 3 weeks ago only taking maybe 6-10 bites off of a spoon. She now takes over 70 bites in a day.

The dietitian at Akron told us if she takes a certain amount in a day, 72 spoonfuls of stage 1-3 baby food, we can take away one of her feeding tube feeds. She has pretty much hit that every day for the past week!

God is good.

Haddie has been enjoying time with Kate's family who has been down this week visiting. Speaking of Kate's family, please say a prayer for Kate's uncle Tim's church who is on a missions trip this week out in Arizona. They are spreading the good news on a Navajo reservation.

Lastly, we have started a website to help others out who have had similar situations as us. Yes, there are others. We are not alone. Be sure to spread this site around so that we can encourage others with the love of God.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Whole New Haddie

Wow. It's been  crazy three weeks for me. Work camp and then back to back weeks of church camp. That's the life of a family minister...and I'm okay with that. 14 students gave their lives to Christ the past two weeks. It doesn't get any better than that!

During the first week of church camp Kate took Haddie up to Akron while I was gone and we jumped on a new plan. A plan that seemed rather crazy and didn't make a whole lot of sense. Dr.Enlow believed that Hadassah was too asleep and that could be causing the large amount of seizures. She was having between 15-25 a day and we were having to give her the rescue dose every other day almost. He said that some babies on seizure meds get to a point where they are so relaxed the seizures take over.

So we woke her up. We lowered the Sabril medication and let me tell's working! She stayed with my mom and dad this week and did awesome. The first couple of days she had around 6 seizures. The next day (Tuesday I think) she had around 20. But then she dropped back down for the past three NONE. Zero. Nada seizure.

And...she's become 10x more alert than before. She's reaching, she's grabbing, she's kicking, and she's tracking with her eyes way better! Take a look!


God is good. He answers prayers. Sometimes it takes longer than we want...and sometimes He even says no. But he said yes this past week and we thank Him for that. The plan now will be to continue to lower the Sabril to a lower dose that will work for Haddie. Thanks for your prayers. God bless!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Newest Plan

Kate, her mom, and Haddie went to Akron to see our neurologist on Monday. It has been a rougher couple of months. Haddie has been having seizures every day. And it seems like every other day we have had to give her the rescue dose because she ends up having too many. We would call Akron and they would tell us to just stay the course. The course was to slowly increase Haddie’s Kepra dose and see what would happen. Unfortunately, that really wasn’t working. Kate and I both knew it but we had to make sure it wouldn’t work before trying something else.

Monday we got a new plan of action and we are very hopeful it will work. The doctor said that we are at the max dose for Haddie’s med called Sabril. That’s the med that works on the seizures that are happening “under the hood” or behind the scenes. Those seizures don’t show themselves physically. He says the med does not seem to be fixing those seizures. In fact, that med is probably making Haddie sleepier. We have noticed that as we have increased both of those meds, Haddie has been sleeping a lot more.  He says that sometimes sleepiness can actually bring on more seizures. The body relaxes and that opens the door for the brain to go wild with seizures.

So we are brought down the Sabril and kept the Kepra the same. We are totally okay with this plan. The longer Hadassah is on Sabril the greater her chances of losing part of her eye sight.

I wrote this blog on Monday but didnt't get a chance to post it until now. So here's the best seems to be working! Two days ago Haddie had about 12 or so seizures which is way better than the weeks before. Then yesterday she only had around 6. So we may be headed in the right direction! Time shall tell. 

It's going to be a great week for her and my mom and dad...she's staying with them while Kate and I are at church camp. 

Thanks for your prayers on this. We are so blessed. It’s awesome to have Haddie at home and to see her improving on her feeding. She is doing awesome on the spoon and cup drinking. She weighs somewhere over 20 lbs. Hoping that down the road we can get that feeding tube out again. And we are also hopeful that by getting the seizures under control, Haddie will hit some more milestones a bit quicker.

God is good.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

13 Months

It's been an eventful few weeks! Hadassah started it off by passing her swallow study which was great! But then her seizures started acting up again. Anybody remember the roller coaster analogy?!!! She had an allergic reaction to the newer seizure med they were giving her and she broke out in a rash all over her body. We also think that that med was causing some of the seizures as well. So we dropped that medication and things got a little bit better...or at least for a while. Then last Tuesday and Wednesday she had several seizures each day. So we went up on her other seizure med and that seemed to do the trick. She didnt have a seizure on Thursday or Friday and only had 4 on Saturday and Sunday. I know, 4 probably seems like a lot to you but when she's had up to 10-15 in day...we will take 4. Since then she has started to have some more each day. Today I called Akron and I'm awaiting a call where they will most likely tell us to increase that med again...which I think will help.

So that's the crazy not so fun news. The good news is that she continues to learn and progress despite the seizures. She has really been enjoying eating stage 1 baby food off of a spoon. She loves the strawberry/apple mixture. She will take as many spoonfuls of that as we will give her. She also likes, peaches, sweet potatoes, carrots, and peas. She's not so keen on the broccoli...who can blame her! Earlier today we saw speech therapy and they started to give her the stage 1 food via a cup. This will help her prepare to use a cup more and more as we progress. We are transitioning away from the bottle and using the spoon and cup more and more. They were also happy to see how Haddie's motor skills are improving.

She currently weighs close to 20lbs and is 26.7in long . As time goes on we just know that God is good. Haddie keeps us on our toes and sometimes it is tough...but she is here. We'll deal with the negative stuff that happens and rejoice in the positive. God is good in both situations.

Hope that you all are having a great summer. Please pray that we get these seizures under control soon. Summer gets busy and it would be a blessing to not have to worry about that!